Aetna and the Healthcare World

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m your typical college student still trying to figure out what the “real” world holds for me when I graduate. In the competitive world I find myself in, I quickly came to the conclusion that finding a job will be no walk in the park. While concentrating on fortune 100 corporations in fields that I don’t see dying anytime soon, healthcare insurance seemed like a no brainer. With The Affordable Care Act in play, healthcare insurance is here to stay and while I have no interest in the technicality behind the industry I do find how the different companies are going to differentiate themselves in the public eye– a fascinating challenge.

Aetna was the first healthcare insurance company to come to mind because they are my healthcare insurance provider and are based right here and Hartford.

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Social media is just one of the ways Aetna is doing just that. Instead of going down a campaign public relations route they are trying to create a corporate presence which entails them outlining all of their policies and process and really getting conversations started both online and offline to get a better understanding of what both healthcare members and providers concerns are.

One innovative way they are creating a social media presence is by posting healthy recipes of the week on Facebook and Twitter:

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They also are using Facebook to educate people on the new healthcare policies:

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But most of the helpful information that Aetna provides can be found on their website

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The main focus of their website seems to be simplifying the new healthcare policies into formats that are easily understood and keeping members updated on what is going on politically in the healthcare reform world and the initiatives Aetna specifically is taking to better their insurance plans with the new integrated policies.

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Lauren Vargas, the Community Strategy Director at Aetna, explains to the Social Media Examiner that they are monitoring the concerns people have when they are choosing a healthcare insurance company via social media and present the website in a more “topic based prospective” to easily relate to the community and explain their particular process.

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You can check out this interview with Lauren Vargas here.
It’s obvious that Aetna has made an impact on social media and community outreach by the the way social media professionals are idealizing Vargas work.
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Here on Vargas outlines how she went about restructuring Aetna’s community outreach to get them to where they are today:
Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.37.52 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.37.43 AM
Are other healthcare insurance companies taking Aetna’s advice? Well they might want to based off an article recently posted on the Pittsburgh Business Times website that says “Aetna picked up more than 150,000 commercial and Medicare Advantage plan members as of January,”(Mamula).
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Stay updated here weekly on what more is to come from the healthcare insurance world and what to expect from Aetna.

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